IMG_2289-EditI’ve always found words fascinating.  They are a contradiction, both limited and limitless.  We cannot truly understand words – “definitions” depend on other words, and those also require other words to understand.  And so it goes, an infinite, entirely unfathomable mess.

And yet, we are able to communicate.  We somehow understand each other with nothing but these breakable, fallible words.

And we even create stories.  We pour our humanity and our experience into metaphor and contradiction and somehow we create.

I rarely set out to write a story.  Rather, the idea strikes me and I obsess over it.  They are like stuck bits of popcorn between my teeth. I have to get them out before I can relax.

My stories are not meant to make any particular point.  I do not intend any specific social commentaries.  Rather I try to write in such a manner that leaves the point up to the reader.  I try to craft a world in which your experiences may color the foreground differently than anyone else.  There is room for interpretation in everything I write.  There is no one meaning intended.  Rather, I embrace the inherent contradiction of words.  I write the contradiction, the abstract unknowability.

I hope you find something of value in my words. Thanks for visiting!

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